Poems By Maria Ann Miller

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Let's start with an old time favorite....Sand Castles

Sand Castles

Hard work, wet hands
Building castles in the sand
Back and forth carrying loads
Smiling faces designing roads
Little voices softly sighed
All days work gone with the tide.


A Fisher Loves His Life

Once the sun has set
Let your feet get wet
Fill the pail with bait
Hook your line and wait
Once the seas are still
Your toes start to chill
Reel your line in fast
Bait again and cast
Once the fish are caught
Wonder why you fought
A Fisher Loves His Life
His rod and reel and wife!



Dork Master Funk

I left the house with a bag of junk
To the dumpster to unload this gunk
I carried this bag a top my trunk
But down the road, lame as a drunk
I took this load, the garbage that stunk
Trough the traffic, a wink from a hunk
I toted this load I needed to dunk
Drove twenty miles or so, I thunk
Then a shout, a signal from a punk
My kid, laughing, labeled me this;
The one, the only....Dork Master Funk!




Felling the pull
the pull of the living
keeping me down
down under it all
the life, the love
shutting off life
all of the sounds
the needs and the lights
wanting to hide
far away from myself
just brings me back
to face it all
making it harder
to get through a day
melting away
all of the anger
burning down low
deep in my sorrow
facing the shame
even harder tomorrow
what makes me think
it will be better
it lies and it steals
all that I offered
trick me again, till
I let it take over
takes me back
even farther and farther
when will it end
and I get started
simple thing take
on new meaning
things of meaning
seem nothing but simple
once it was important
but now it's forgotten
here I stand
still naked and borrowed
nothing I own
is mine forever
can there be time
to answer this rhyme
everything that's said
questions the head
answer the truth
the truth has the answer


Golden Trumpet Tree

Such sweetness growing from the flowers of spring
And beginnings begin
This time of year here
And the nights chill the bones
And frost the fresh blossoms
That survive on because the days
Fell like nights by the fireside
Warmth fills the senses
Hear the call of the trumpets
Bright like the sun
Beating its heat into the trunk
Strong and tall till the day
It becomes carved out of nature
A beautiful hardwood cabinet
In my kitchen!




Your hot
Sunlight warms
My soil
And I...begin to grow
Above the earth
Together we
Toss and Toil
And my...fluids flow
Your Season's
My needs
And my...Blossoms show
Within the earth
Together we
Plant our seeds
And I...always know.




The room fills with those
chosen to judge
A man inquires
with judicious prudence
An audience curious,
holds a grudge
The victims all silenced,
buried and dead
Their families maddened
by hatred and vengeance
A world still wondering
what fills his head
The suspect remorseful
blank in his stare
A woman who types
tries not to hear
Memories of hearts
tainted and bare
The children must whisper
loud in his ear
They fear for him not
for now and ever



White smoke billows
Through the glass
An urge
The craving
So loud, So strong
The act
To hell, To madness
The mind
My conscience
So right, so wrong
Bury the emotion
No anger, No sadness
White smoke billows
Through the glass



He Watches

It comes
The wave
Full force
But first
Together tons
Will merge
Will surge
The source
Liquid molecules
Bonding, building
Stockpiling stacks
Till it builds
Then breaks
It comes
The wave
Full force
And he 
The man
Of course
It flies
The egret
Wings spread
But first
Together tons
Will merge
Will surge
The bird
Microscopic feathers
Fluttering, flapping
Naturally in sync
Till it lifts
Then floats
It flies
The egret
Wings spread
And he
The Man
His head
It sets
The sun
Due west
But first
Together tons
Will merge
Will surge
The best
Galactic stars
Shimmering, shining
Over the horizon
Till it hovers
Then hides
It sets
The sun
Due west 
And he
The man 
To rest



My Life I Should Live

Mistakes have been made
Once, twice and again
Forgiveness is given
Know when to say when

Excuses get old
Older than I
Give no more reasons
Don't worry why

Life keeps passing
I stay behind
Time stays running
Me, I can't find

The hold I once had
Slowly slipping away
The strength felt then
I feel not today

Uncover the mask
Look deep inside
Stop being scared
And wanting to hide

Beneath the lies
I'm naked and cold
Lifting the burden
The truth be told

Scars from the past
Keep bleeding today
Like tears in a jar
Hidden far and away

My fears are so real
That, I must face
Accepting this fact
Will keep them in place

When moments I'm weak
An easy way out
An instant it takes
This I can't doubt

If nothing I've learned
Suffering the pain
Once I give in
The hurt will begin

The dreams can't be done
I've got too much to give
The reasons are strong
My life I should live.


All rights reserved Copyright 2001 The Miller Family Tree
March 18, 2009